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Delicious Japanese food with happy hour

Santa Monica Business #1: Whole Foods

Santa Monica Business #2: Hikari Sake House

Santa Monica Business #3: Bay Cities

Why I can't live without these three businessesWhole Foods: I have been a customer of Whole Foods ever since I was a little girl, I basically grew up at this place. I really enjoy shopping here because there are many food options to choose from that are both healthy and delicious. Anything from sandwiches, pizza, a juice bar, baked goods, home-made style food, and even international dishes!  The quality of their products is worth the crowd of people you might stumble upon on a work day but the customer service is great and I always feel welcome with every visit.

Hikari Sake House: The atmosphere at this restaurant allows one to have a cultured experience just a few blocks from home. The Japanese food is delicious and always offering happy hour, it is also located right by the promenade which makes it very convenient to stop by for some tasty food after a shopping spree.

Bay Cities: The sandwiches are amazing and being there reminds me of being in a small deli in Italy. It's a really cool place and I appreciate being able to shop there for lunch.

Submitted by: Natalie Serrano

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