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    Hands down BEST Thai Food ever

    Business #1VIDIOTS

    Business #2:  A three way tie: MINDFULNEST, CLOUDS & TEN WOMEN

    Business #3: BANGOK WEST

    Why I can't live without these three businesses: They are each the best of the best!  It's so important to me not only to support independent businesses that are local, but I love walking to them from home or work! 

     1. VIDIOTS

    - Has the single most stunning collection of film and video and dvd's for rental & sale!

    - Great music is always piping through the speakers overhead!

    - Employees are intelligent and articulate and have great opinions on aforementioned films and music!

    - I got to see "The Adventures of Natty Gan" again! of my favorite childhood movies. 

     2. three way tie: MINDFULNEST, CLOUDS, TEN WOMEN

    On Main Street just a quick walk or bike ride from home, I can always find a creative, affordable gifts within two blocks!  MindfulNest & Ten Women exclusively carry local & international artists who hand make art, crafts, pottery, magnets, cards, lotion, jewelry, etc.  Clouds has the best deal in town on candles plus a nice selection of wind-chimes and other tokens of affection. 

    3.  BANGKOK WEST...hands down BEST Thai Food ever.  Great lunch specials!  Excellent Curries, Pad Thai, and Mango with Sticky rice dessert.

    Submitted by:  Elly J.

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