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Tasty options for something different

Business #1: L & L Hawaiian Barbeque

Business #2: Tommy's

Business #3: Subway

Why we can't live without these three businessesL & L Hawaiian Barbeque: L&L offers some more variety to myself and other students when eating close to school. They have many tasty options for those looking for something different. Their food is pretty cheap and will surely fill you up. Tommy's: Tommy's has great chili burgers and at a good price. It may not be the healthiest thing you can spend your money on but it is certainly delicious and will fill you up for the rest of the day. It's a classic in Santa Monica and I'm sure it will be here for years to come. Subway: Subway is a pretty good chain business that has pretty good choices for the customer to get a healthy sandwich. I enjoy their turkey subs and am glad there is a chain like this around and thriving.

Submitted by: Juan Sosa

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