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Goodwill Southern California 

thrift store, retail store, donation center, non-profit

524 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA  90401

2520 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA  90404

T:  (323) 223-1211, E: info@goodwillsocal.org


Yr. Establ. in Santa Monica: 2003

Buy Local offers/products/services:  Goodwill Southern California stores run weekly color tag sales where items tagged with the color of the week are 50% off. On Thursdays, items tagged with the color of the week are $1.  We also offer a 15% discount to active and retired Military personnel on Mondays, and a 15% discount to Senior Citizens (over 55) on Tuesdays.

Goodwill SoCal has been green, since our founding in 1916. Goodwill Southern California cares for the earth by reducing the need for landfills through the reuse or recycling of millions of pounds of textiles, home goods, paper products and electronics. Each year, Goodwill Southern California diverted more than 100 million pounds of reusable or recyclable goods and electronics from landfills.  Our emphasis on reusing and recycling also translates into decreased use of precious resources to manufacture and transport new goods. All of the organization’s green efforts have a wonderful, additional side effect: Improving the health and well-being of the global community.



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