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Corrective Skincare

Clinical skincare.  Therapeutic + goal-oriented.  Facial treatments.  Custom made skin homecare products.

1828 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA  90404

T:  (424) 280-4591, E: info@CorrectiveSkincareLA.com


Yr Establ in Santa Monica:  2016

Buy Local offers/products/services:  Our offices are "green," featuring online booking, digital receipts, sulfate free, paraben free cleansers and scrubs, and chemical peels derived from simple, organic and natural fruit and plant compounds. 

We have connections with the Co-Op as well as Skin by Lovely, both in Santa Monica, providing 20% off to all of their customers/clients.  We are happy to connect with more businesses in Santa Monica!

In addition to our Santa Monica location, we have also operated a location in the valley (Encino) for the past 21 years. Our specialties include reduction and prevention of acne, skin discoloration, scarring and aging skin.  We provide education.  On the initial visit, you'll receive an in-depth analysis of your skin, focused on your specific needs, and an on-going treatment plan tailored just for you.  Our expertise is our ability to match your unique needs with custom products that you can use for ongoing treatment or maintenance.   We provide in-office procedures and homecare plans that focus on skin care concerns and long-term solutions without the marketing and up-sell that you might find at a salon or spa.

We are a locally-owned business!  We are also proud to Buy Local in support of our fellow SM businesses including Co-Op, Skin by Lovely, Revolution and many Montana Avenue businesses.  I love meeting people and would be happy to do more cross-promotions!


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