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Bezian Bakery @ SM Farmers Markets

Sourdough breads, 100% vegan

Santa Monica Farmers Market (Wednesdays) - Arizona @ 2nd St

(323) 663-1503, e: BezianBakery@gmail.com


Year Established in SM:  1994

Buy Local offers/products/services:  We offer a multiple variety of sourdough breads with local SM Farmers Market-sourced ingredients, 100% vegan--no animal products, sugars, chemicals or baker's yeast.  We use natural wild yeast fermentation of up to 30 days depletes most of the gluten, developing a perfect symbiosis with amazing flavor, health benefits + long-lasting freshness.  Most people who are allergic to wheat do very well with our bread!

We also Buy Local, supporting our fellow SM Farmers Market farmers!

VOTED MOST LOVED SANTA MONICA FARMERS MARKET PREPARED FOOD VENDOR (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019- a title holder!)


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