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Shop philanthropically on Third Street Promenade

SM Daily Press:  I was in the Apple store last week to pick-up a small tripod for us to record our first Facebook Live presentation.* The team member asked me how I planned to use it and when I told him I was making a recording for the Santa Monica Lions Club, he was curious. “What is a Lions Club?” he asked. I told him we were a service club serving the needs of Santa Monica and the Westside. On an international level we focus on vision, feeding the hungry, children and the environment. His next question was, “What is a service club?” I was not surprised.  Read more > > >


How to Defeat the Endless Cycle of Deferred Maintenance, as Told by Two Southern California Cities

Future Structure:  A look at two bold, sweeping approaches to solving local government's infrastructure problems.  Read more about Santa Monica, the featured city in this article > > >


Big Blue Bus adding cab service at Expo Line Station

SM Daily Press:  Big Blue Bus is launching a new on-demand cab service to provide late-night rides to and from the 17th Street/SMC Expo Station.

The service, called Blue at Night, will offer cab rides from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights for $3 beginning June 17. Riders can request a cab during service hours by dialing (877) 611-8294 or boarding an unoccupied cab at the Blue at Night kiosk at the 17th Street/SMC Station, located on eastbound Colorado Avenue and 17th Street near the Breeze bikeshare station.  Read more > > >


Santa Monica's Minimum Wage Law Gets Final Approval

SM Daily Press:  Revisions to Santa Monica’s minimum wage law were met with maximum approval this week thanks to backing from a coalition of local residents, labor unions and business leaders.

City Council formally adopted a $15 hourly minimum wage schedule in January, but several details were deliberately left vague with an expectation that a specially appointed working group would fill in the gaps.

According to city staff, the new rules will be phased in over four years. Starting on July 1 of this year, the minimum wage will start at $10.50 per hour and increase to $15 per hour in 2020. Some nonprofits and businesses with fewer than 25 employees can receive a one-year delay, and there is an 18-month exemption for transitional employees.  Read More > >


Will Santa Monica's Expo Line get you out of your car?

LA Times:  Each day, about 80,000 people travel to Santa Monica for work.  At the same time, about 45,000 Santa Monica residents head to jobs outside the city.  Read more > > >