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So many options

Santa Monica Business #1: Sweet Rose Creamery

Santa Monica Business #2: Acapillow

Santa Monica Business #3: Grey Block Pizza

Why I can't live without these three businesses: I go to Samohi, so when Sweet Rose Creamery moved in, it was like a little patch of heaven moved in across the street. Sweet Rose has some of the best and most unique flavors, and it is always exciting to try the new ones. What I think is so great about the Creamery is that the chef goes to the Farmer’s Market every week to get the freshest ingredients possible. Then, they put the farmers whose produce has been used on their board so that the community can see what they’re eating and where it is coming from. I love how fresh my ice cream is, and I love knowing everything that is going into it is in season and helping local farmers.

Acapillow is a cute store where you feel welcome and comfortable the second you walk in. The doors are always open, and there is a warm light that makes one feel at home. The owners are kind and genuinely care about how you are doing. Acapillow is a shop where you can walk in, have a pleasant conversation, and walk out feeling ten times better than before.

Grey Block Pizza is delicious! I work at SMC Pool so when I have a break, it is the perfect place to run across the street to grab lunch. It is great to have so many options that you can have a different kind of pizza every week. The service is great, and the pizza never stops being awesome.

Submitted by: Leah Gutentag

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