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Places it on the top of my list

Santa Monica Business #1: Yogahop

Santa Monica Business #2: Whole Foods Market

Santa Monica Business #3: Louise’s Trattoria

Why I can't live without these three businesses: Yogahop is a little studio that is hidden behind Pinkberry. Even with its discrete location, I have to arrive 10 minutes early to the class to get a spot on the floor. Not only is the studio conveniently close to my house, it is also provides me with some of the hardest workouts I've ever received. Since the studio is so small, the instructors really get to know their members, making it an extremely welcoming and comforting place. This yoga is not the kind of workout where I have to pull each leg out of bed forcing myself to put running shoes on and go outside. With brilliant music selections and perfect intervals between easy and hard, this place is a necessity in my community.

Whole Foods Market is my go to place for a quick bite of food. Although organic food is what Whole Foods is known for, I think it's how they deliver that organic food that makes it so great. They have a food bar, stocked with healthy choices, that takes about 5 minutes to construct your meal and check out with it in your hand. They also have a smoothie booth that uses fresh organic fruit and delicious juices. On the weekends, I can't help but getting one a day.

Louise's Trattoria is my favorite community sit down restaurants because of all the memories I have there. I walk into the restaurant and most of them either know my name or the fact that I'm the daughter of my father. Their Italian cuisine is undoubtably delicious, but it's the family environment this restaurant creates that places it on the top of my list, not to mention that they have the best chopped salad I have ever had.

Through my descriptions and choices of restaurants, it's clear that what makes a business stand out to me is their environment. Especially dealing with businesses that rely on the community, creating an inviting family atmosphere is extremely important.

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