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My #1 spot for boots

Business #1 Steve Madden

Business #2:  Pink Berry

Business #3 H&M

Why I can't live without these three businessesSteve Madden is my number one spot to get my boots. They always have what you are looking for.  The people who work there attend you as soon as you arrive so you don't have to wait to be attended.  Pink Berry is the best place to get some delicious frozen yogurt.  They have many flavors of frozen yogurt.  They always have fresh toppings so you never have old tasting toppings. They are clean so you won't be eating at a dirty place.  H&M  have cute clothes and reasonable prices. They also always have cute clothes for whatever season or occasion. It's well organized by style of clothing from causal to more of a dressy look like a job interview or for a dinner out with friends. The people who work there help you with anything like finding a certain piece of clothing or just for any questions you may have.

Submitted by:  Priscilla

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