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A unique place that offers a lot

Business #1: Bay Cities

Business #2: Rae's Restaurant

Business #3: California Pizza Kitchen

Why we can't live without these three businessesBay Cities: Bay Cities is a unique place that offers a lot in one convenient area. You can either shop and buy their Italian products or order a sandwich. I enjoy eating there. Though expensive, it is well worth it. There are some days where the line is long and service is slow but I guess that is just normal for such a busy place. Rae's Restaurant: Rae's Restaurant is a small diner and is a great place to be at. Though I don't go there on a regular basis, when I do, I ususally go and eat breakfast over there. What I like about Rae's is the comfort that I get when I drink their hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and breakfast special of two eggs, bacon and pancakes. California Pizza Kitchen: Though I think everyone has visited CPK I still enjoy their pizza. I especially enjoy there Hawaiian pizza and chicken salads. It's always a crowded place, but it is worth the wait to eat a tasty meal.

Submitted by: Miguel Vazquez

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