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An amazing place to eat

Business #1: Omelette Parlor

Business #2: Sunny Blue

Business #3: Babalu

Why we can't live without these three businessesOmelette Parlor: The Omelette Parlor on Main Street is not only an amazing place to eat because of the food but also because it is an experience. They have kept everything so original to how it was when it first opened and it works. The food is amazing and there are so many choices for breakfast that one can never get bored. Sunny Blue: For an affordable, quick, and healthy lunch there really isn't anywhere else to go. The people that work there are unbelievably nice and it has become somewhat of a hangout spot for me and my friends after school. The food is different and yet amazing, cheap and filling, and although rather new (especially in comparison to The Omelette Parlor), it is obvious this place deserves to be around for awhile. Babalu: Finally when the sun has set, I end of the day at Babalu, the amazing bakery and Caribbean restaurant on Montana. The service is great, the food is even better, and it is never too crowded, despite its amazing location. I have gone to Babalu for at least 6 years and I plan on going forever.

Submitted by: Charlie Giannetti

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