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Such a welcoming place

Business #1: Gilbert's El Indio

Business #2: Starbucks

Business #3: California Chicken Cafe

Why we can't live without these three businessesGilbert's El Indio: Gilbert's El Indio is such a welcoming place, where the bartender always greets you when you walk in. They have excellent service and amazing food. Everytime I go there I get the Veggie Burrito that's to die for. It's a huge burrito that's filled with veggies and topped with green salsa that isn't spicy. They also have great deals like Taco Tuesdays. Starbucks: Starbucks has so many stores that it makes it convenient to stop by for a quick pick me up and get your kind of drink. They have such an amazing variety that I never know what to get when I get there, but as usual I simply have to get my Vanilla Bean. The workers make you feel so welcomed and the music is always relaxing. California Chicken Cafe: I have been going there since 6th grade and find that I am always ecstatic to eat there because they have such a wonderful variety of healthy food. I would have to say out of all the salads my favorite one would have to be the Chinese Chicken Salad. They make it so easy for you that you are able to call in and pick up your order and it will be ready when you get there or you can simply order from there. Enjoy.

Submitted by: Arturo Arce

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