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The perfect spots for lunch + afternoon sweet treats...

Business #1:  Michael D's Cafe

Business #2: La Grande Orange

Business #3: Urth Caffe

Why I can't live without these three businesses: Working on Main Street in Santa Monica, I am blessed with the ability to explore a number of amazing dining and shopping options, whether I'm on a break or during after hours. That being said, there are a few stand out spots that are must haves on my "favorite break stops" list.

To start of the list, Michael D's Cafe, which is hidden withing in the Santa Monica Bowling Alley, is the perfect in and out stop for a quick bite to eat (there shrimp Cesar salad is a must try!). For a business lunch or afternoon sweet treat, I love taking a quick walk over to La Grande Orange ($5 vegetarian chili and cookies too large to consume in one sitting, need I say more?). For those days where I need an extra jolt, I love heading down to Urth Caffe where the people watching is almost as fun as the creative foam designs on my cappuccino!

Submitted by:  Rebecca Plummer

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