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Want to host a Bike Local Handlebar Happy Hour?

Each month our Bike Local Santa Monica Committee (Buy Local + SM Spoke bike advocacy partners) organizes a #BikeLocalSM Handlebar Happy Hour event to spotlight a Buy Local SM restaurant, bar or pub.  There's no cost to host the event - you just need to offer a happy hour special for the duration (5:30-7 pm) and be able to set aside a small gathering area for our group (15-30 people) to sit, eat and socialize.  These events are held on the last week of every month (alternating Weds + Thurs) .  We promote these events via our Santa Monica SPOKE + Buy Local SM social media, newsletter + websites.  They're really fun community gatherings + a great way to promote your business to locals!  If you're interesting in hosting an upcoming #HBHH, email Cynthia at SM Spoke:  Cynthia.Rose@SMSpoke.org 

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